Economic Impact Of The United States Economy Essays

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Economic advancement what each country must reach in order to become a superpower.To withold an advantage amongst all other competeing powers can tip the scale one way or the other. In the case of The United States it was railroads in which thrusted the nation in an economic uproar , for it was in 1865 when Railroads began to take its effect on the United States economy. With the passage of The Pacific Railroad Act of 1862, launched the construction of railroads which stretched from east to west or Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California, however the money to finance the construction came from a federal grant approved congress asked by Senator Stephen Douglas which thus allowed for connection of Chicago to

Mississippi or north and south.

With the government 's permission and money it allowed for the beginnings of the transcontinental idealism which stated that the railroads would connect every state with each other from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Leading with the idea of connecting every state with each other it allowed for resources to spread to areas of the nation which were unable to collect such needed resources. Example as such is a landlocked state such as Nebraska which could now get resources only a coast state could get and vice versa. As for the States becoming solely dependent on big business this was a result of the railroad system due to an interdependency of the railroad, lumbar,steel,,iron, and all of the other capital goods. meaning that the railroads…

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