Economic Impact Of Beijing Olympic Games Essay

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Economic Impacts of Beijing Olympic games in China
Starting with the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984, the United States creatively combined the Olympic games with commerce, and the concept of regarding the economic impact of hosting the Olympic games was first introduced. It was a valuable chance for the host city to take the advantage of international influence and business opportunities generated from the Olympics, improving the international standing and prestige and boosting the local and national economic development. With the aim of presenting a “democratic, open, civilized, friendly, and harmonious” China to the world, the Chinese government invested nearly $40 billon Olympic-related construction from 2002 to 2006, which made Beijing Olympics the most expensive game ever held (Lo, 2008). However, the money transformed the cityscape of Beijing and inserted new energy and anticipation of the game. This paper mainly focused on the direct and indirect impacts that Olympic brought to Beijing and China, especially in the aspects of economics.

Rebuilding Beijing (Direct impacts)
In order to match the theme of “Green Olympics, High-Tech Olympics and People’s Olympics”, the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) implemented the Beijing Olympics Action Plan (Lee, 2008). The plan not only included the construction of large gymnasiums, but also a makeover of Beijing as a whole. There were 32 Olympic-related buildings were built or refurbished in…

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