Essay about Economic Disparities And Its Impact On Public Schools

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Economic disparity has come to the fore of American politics in a way that we haven’t seen since the creation of the New Deal legislation. Typically, this discussion tends to fall only along lines of economic distribution and wealth. Unfortunately, education has so far failed to rise to the top step of this discussion, but the two are intrinsically linked. Across the nation, and particularly in urban areas, public schools are failing to properly educate children. The biggest gaps in education continue to divide students by race and social class, with African American and Hispanic students faring dramatically worse than their Caucasian peers. A crumbling education infrastructure in New York is impossible to sustain and punishes us every day we allow it to continue. There will be no quick fix and no easy solution. The State needs a systematic reexamination of our education policy, and a new approach to education funding.
Access to quality education must be viewed as basic human right. Education is the keeper of the gate. A child’s education begins in a formative period of time unrivaled in their path to adulthood. Early education dictates the how and why of the decisions children will make for their life in the future. It is where a child takes their first steps towards independence and self-thought. As young adults, their education in high school sets up their path toward the future. It is where they foster and hone their skills in communication and leadership. Every facet…

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