Aspects Of The Chemical Weapon

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Economic aspect of the Chemical Weapon In order to obtain chemical weapons, each country needed to face the problem of finding the source of raw material available in their country, the manufacture of raw material and, the transportation and training of human forces that would be used in time of war. The economic aspects of the chemical weapon are extensive, but we confine it to the study of the acquisition of raw materials.
The Allies and the acquisition of raw materials
In the middle of June 1915, the government of French was influenced by an “energetic socialist politician.” This led Albert Thomas to control the use of guns and ammunition, especially on the control of the supplies of the chemical warfare. Even with an acceptable administration
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Was it legitimate for the Germans do develop the Chemical Weapon? The Germans proclaim acting in a legitimate because of the “utilization of projectiles like the German T- Shell, which combined with gas, was in accordance “with The Hague Land Warfare Conventions. Besides of, the situation of the static trenches war produced an alarming risk of shrapnel thousands of soldiers without any cause.
Even with that Otto Hahn (a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry) wrote his experience,
I was very ashamed and deeply agitated. First we attracted the Russians with our gas, and then, when we saw the poor chaps lying on the ground and slowing dying, we restored their breathing with our self –rescue equipment. The total insanity of war became obvious to us. The First one attempts to eliminate the unknown enemy in his trench, but when one comes face to face with it and set about helping him. Yet often we could no longer save the poor

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