Economic And Social Policies Of Henry Ford Essay

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Henry Ford is an example of how economic and social policies of successive Republic Governments contributed to a world of inequality.
Henry Ford
Henry Ford the genius behind the successful assembly line mass production of products; in his case; the motor car. Born in Dearborn Michigan in 1893 into a farming family. Henry was educated at the local school. At the age of sixteen he became a machinist apprentice. Henry was raised as an Episcopalian. He had very strong views, he believed in reincarnation but was deeply Anti-Semitic, making him a hero of Hitler and the Nazis. He was given in 1938 the Grand Cross of the German Eagle presented by Hitler himself.

What were Henry Ford Eugenicist Ideologies?
Henry Ford despised all religious faiths that were not protestant Christian; especially the Jews. Ford went out of his way to make Jews feel worthless and helpless. Anti-Semitism was a fundamental cornerstone of his beliefs.
People referred to Henry Ford as the “Man of the Millennium”. At the time he was known to be America’s wealthiest and most successful industrialist, worth more than one billion dollars. At the start of the roaring 20’s he was the sole owner of the biggest manufacturing company in America. His company controlled 60% of the American sector.
His views may have been developed from an early age from reading McGuffey which was a dominant textbook of the time stating “Protestant Christianity was the only true religion in America”. His prestige lent credibility to…

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