Econ Essay

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Introduction to Economics
Course outline

Instructor/ teaching assistants details Details | Instructors name | Ayesha Samie | Email address | | Counseling hours | | Teaching assistants name | Uroosa Jeelani | Email address | | Tutorial timings and days | Thursday 12:45-13:45 |

About the course.
This course will teach students the basic tools of microeconomics and macroeconomics issues such as price determination, supply and demand, consumer behavior, costs of production and market structures growth, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, exchange rates, technological progress, budget and trade deficits. The course will provide a unified framework to address these issues
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The group must be ready and should present when asked to. No excuses will be allowed for not presenting. You will be graded on your presentation on the basis of concept delivery and creativity in presentation. * Quizzes will be announced hence no makeup quiz will be taken for any student, under any circumstance. Quizzes will be conducted in the first 15 minutes at the start of the class. * At the end of every class the TA will mark the students’ class participation on a scale of 1-3, on the following guideline below. The class participation scores will be uploaded at the end of the semester. This component will keep on revising; therefore, you cannot be informed about them mid semester. Do not harass the TA or the instructor to tell you your score mid semester. Those students who disrupt the class and distract students will be negatively marked in the CP component. Marks | Description | 0 | Absent | 1 | Present but not contributing | 2 | Present and occasionally contributing (have not read the chapter) | 3 | Present and contributing (have read the chapter) with examples |

Required Text:
There are a number of basic Economics text books available in the library. A few will be uploaded on LMS and for some chapters required readings will be kept at the photocopier. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of the reading

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