Eco 578 Midterm Examination Questions and Answers Essay

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Midterm Exam
• There are 4 parts:
Part A: Answer the following questions (1-8)
Part B: True/ False (9-28)
Part C: Select the correct answer for the following questions (29-38)
Part D: Work Problem (39-50) **All work must be shown step by step**
• Two different ways to submit your answer sheet
1. Scan your answer sheet and place it in ONE FILE at drop-box.
(Make sure it is not zipped into one file.)
1. Use
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12 The sum of the class frequencies is equal to the number of observations made 13 A relative frequency distribution describes the proportion of data values that fall within each category 14 There would be no need for statistical theory if census, rather than a sample was always used to obtain information about populations. 15 Planning is the most important step in a statistical study 16 The following number of student enrolled in 10 elective English classes offered during the year at a community college: 11, 24, 15, 14, 15, 13, 26, 15, 10, 14 The modal class size was 14 17 Original class interval frequencies can be obtained by multiplying the respective relative frequencies by the total number of observations 18
The following data, reported by a sample of students, are the number of movies seen in a movie theatre during past six months.
6 6 9 12 6 4 8 15 6 The frequency of students who saw 6 movies is 6. 19 The arithmetic mean is the sum of the data values divided by the number of observations. 20 is 21 means that A and B are mutually exclusive events. 22
Mutually exclusive events imply that if one event occurs, the other cannot occur. An event (e.g.,) and its complement are always mutually

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