Causes Of Ebola In Guinea

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The burden of diseases Ebola in Guinea infects people regardless age, gender or economic status. The distribution is very rapid and the contagiousness is very high. The poverty level is very high in Guinea. But, I believe that the contagiousness is not related to the situation of poverty in the Country. However, the poverty can affect the compliance of the basis hygiene rules (hand washing) that can facilitate the contamination. Ebola outbreak is a real burden of diseases on the health care system in Guinea since many people have died from that disease.
There are other burdens of diseases in the country that are endemic, but are not as deadly as compared to Ebola. For example: Malaria is an endemic disease in Guinea which has a high
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Corruption is embedded in the country. The education level is very low. Schools are overcrowded. The majority of teachers are incompetent due to the lack of a solid education. Health workers are not well paid and this has a negative impact on the services they provide to the population.
In Guinea, the hygiene is one of the biggest issues. It is evident that the hygiene is important for human life. Without clean water and proper sanitation, people would be exposed to various epidemics and endemic diseases.
Environmental health issues are major risk factors in the global burden of disease. Using a somewhat narrow definition of what is an ‘environmental’ cause of disease, one study of the global burden of disease suggests that about 8.4 percent of the total burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries are the result of three environmental conditions: unsafe water, hygiene, and excreta disposal; urban air pollution; and indoor smoke from household use of solid fuels. (Skolnik Richard,
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Administrators and Managers of the healthcare settings are nominated based on their political belief. There are not appointed based on their skills and their qualifications. The Healthcare system of the Republic of Guinea is the best example of the healthcare system of many African countries. The Ebola infection is the best example of the global health problem in the world which is being stopping by a global response. “The progress in health status, however, has been very uneven. Hundreds of millions of people, especially poorer people in low – and middle-income countries, continue to get sick, be disabled by, or die from preventable causes of disease.” (Skolnik,

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