Eating Food As A Coping Mechanism Essay

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Day 7: How to Eat Intuitively

Intuitive eating isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. The key to intuitive eating is getting in touch with your body. As you practice intuitive eating it becomes easier to learn your body’s hunger and fullness cues as well as what your cravings mean.

Here are the key principles of intuitive eating:

STOP dieting!
Eat when you’re hungry
Stop eating when you’re full
No foods are labelled as “good” or “bad”
Stop using food as a coping mechanism
Utilize gentle nutrition
Exercise to feel good
8. Love your body unconditionally

In the beginning you may find yourself eating all of the junk you restricted yourself from or shamed yourself for eating and it is a healthy part of the process. During this process you may notice some foods don’t provide you with lasting energy, and over time you will be less likely to eat those foods and opt for more filling foods.

Before you eat, assess your body 's cues. If you are hungry, try to figure out what you want to eat. Do you want sweet, bitter, salty, crunchy, smooth, cold, or hot? When you’ve picked out a meal or snack, sit down, be present, and enjoy what you’re eating. Being fully present for your meal will allow you to be in touch with your fullness cues. In the beginning it may be difficult to assess this. I suggest rating the first bite of your food on a scale from 1-10. This makes it easier to notice when your food loses flavour interest, and at this point you’re likely satisfied.

*Have fun trying…

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