Essay about Eating Disorders And Unhealthy Lifestyles

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Your palms are sweating as you lean over the toilet. Eyes closed, breath wavering you raise your fingers to your mouth. Mouth open, shaking fingers move toward the back of the throat where they press down against it. Leaning forward as the contents of the stomach empty into the toilet, you are dry heaving now. This is not the first time today this has happened, in fact, it is going to happen numerous times more. Why? Because you are bulimic. According to Medical News Today, over forty percent of models are suffering from eating disorders. The fashion industry needs to regulate model’s weight to reduce cases of eating disorders and unhealthy lifestyles.
A popular trend in the fashion industry not only revolves around clothes, but in eating disorders as well. Models have an average weight of one hundred and ten pounds compared to the average woman who sits around one hundred and sixty pounds. The average body mass index of a model is below an eighteen, the BMI of a healthy individual should be between an 18.5 to 24.9 (Walden). Models push their bodies to the limit in order to keep jobs and look skinny. By regulating models weights not only could numbers of eating disorders increase, but models would have a higher quality of life.
Anorexia nervosa, also known as anorexia, is a disease where the person stops eating to the point that their body weight is very low, or below average. Many researchers believe eating disorders stem from a cultural obsession based around being…

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