Eating Disorders And Its Effects Essay

992 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
It is well known that without health, other things mean nothing. Like, fame, money and rank. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that eating disorders have become an alarming issue for the teenagers which is considered as hurtful to their life and health. Though people perceive that nothing is more valuable than health, they seldom really take it seriously. The number of young people who try their best to lose weight has been increasing, especially among females. They believe the slim body is the dream shape for them. Likewise, other adolescents eat too much because of the stress from school. For example, they have plenty of assignments due in a short period of time. However, scientists published some studies recently that indicate that the family therapy is an efficient way to prevent the anorexia or bulimia by family’s consideration, knowledge and support. Thus, patients who are disturbed by eating disorders will get assistance from family therapy for several reasons.

To begin with, the first persons that infants saw when they are born are parents. Plus, children spend abundant of time rely on their parent and always be accompanied around and look after by them since they came to this world. There is nothing which parents do not know about their children, therefore, if children feel uncomfortable, parents will be informed immediately and try to heal their child like a doctor. Similarly, if someone tells you that you may have an eating disorder, that person must be one of…

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