Eating Disorders : A Serious Mental And Physical Illnesses Essay

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“Alicia is fifteen years old and weighs sixty pounds. She refuses to eat, because as she says, ‘Once I start I will just keep gaining weight and gaining weight and it won’t stop.’ She has suffered a heart attack, weakened kidneys, and is blind in one eye. She has been hospitalized about fifty times, during which she was force-fed until her weight returned to a minimum that would allow her to return home. Each time she relapsed and started starving herself again. Her parents are crushed. They are between continuing to let Alicia lie in a hospital with tubes in her arm and taking her home or watch her starve to death” (Goodnough 7). As one can tell from Alicia’s story, eating disorders are a serious mental and physical illnesses that have life-threatening effects. Eating disorders also have a dramatic affect on friends and family that are close to the ill one. This is one of the millions of stories of teenage girls thinking they are too big to be liked or to fit in. Media today pressures women to have a flawless, super-thin body, causing many women to form eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating. Eating disorders are serious illnesses that affect many women today. Eating disorders are a sickness that affects one’s mental and physical well-being. According to National Eating Disorders Associations, eating disorders are disorders that are characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits, such as eating too much or too little (“What are eating…

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