How Do Words And Actions Affect People

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Words and actions can be something so beautiful, but they can also be the demons that some people have to deal with. Everyone has been criticised and put down for being the way they are, either intentionally or unintentionally, but not everyone takes it the same way. People say that there is no reason to get all worked up about what others say and that it should simply be ignored, which for some can be easy, but for others it may be nearly impossible. Some people are more sensitive to words, and if some people would understand and accept that it would prevent quite a few problems.
Words and actions can affect people in many ways. This includes the way they see themselves. If someone is told that they have bad taste in clothes or is being pointed
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There are theories as to why self-harm “helps”. 19-year-old Mia, who suffered from self-harm since the age of 13, claimed,“Slitting my arms was the only thing that seemed to work. It was the only release I had. It was the only thing that kept me ‘sane’ through everything.” For them it is a way to feel relief. Keeping feelings bottled up inside can be emotionally exhausting and painful. Many people can go to a best friend or family member to vent those feelings, but people with depression often feel like they aren’t important enough to take up someone else’s time talking about their problems, especially someone who is very important to them. For them, self-harm is a way to let all of the emotional exhaustion and pain out. The physical pain that they inflict on themselves causes endorphins to be released, which makes them feel good for, maximum, a few minutes. It is, in a way, a sort of “high” that temporarily gets rid of the negative …show more content…
There is also bulimia nervosa, the opposite of anorexia, and it is usually accompanied by purging disorder. People with bulimia often overeat. They can eat much more than an average person because when a healthy person eats and gets full the stomach sends signals to the brain telling it to stop eating, but in a person with bulimia, the signals the stomach sends to the brain travel slower causing the brain to take longer in telling the body to stop eating. When a bulimic person is done eating the purging disorder often kicks in. They find their way to a toilet or trashcan and force themselves to throw up. At first they have to stick a finger down their throat, but over time their stomach learns to reject whatever food is put into it and automatically vomits after eating. In extreme cases, they not only vomit up food, but also blood. Both anorexia and bulimia can lead to a slow, painful death.
Another side effect of words and actions is death. For some homicide can be very tempting. To them, getting revenge is what will make them feel better. They feel as though killing the people who abused them will give them the peace of mind they desire. However, most of the time, it leads to either jail time or

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