Summary Of Chapter 4: Eat Meals

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Ch 2: Avoid food products containing ingredients that are A) unfamiliar B) Unpronounceable C) More than five ingredients in number or that include D) High fructose corn syrup
a). Pollan says any food with these characteristics has crossed over from being a food to a food product. He thinks that food scientists’ attempts to make food more nutritious just make them more complicated, not necessarily better for you.
b). I chose this suggestion because I normally do not look at the ingredients, only the nutrition facts, of the food I pick out at the store. Sometimes I check to see if there is any food coloring but other than that I rarely check the ingredients of the food I eat. I buy things that I crave and want rather than things I actually
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Pollan states that we as Americans are fewer meals and snacking a lot more. Meals display normal social behavior, portion size control, model eating and drinking behavior, and social norms like gluttony and waste. When people start to eat pre-prepared “meals” on their own the whole social aspect of a meal is gone. Also the kids that prepare their own food tend to eat more than they need too, causing health issues associated with metabolic syndrome. Eating snacks used to be frowned upon but now snacks are readily available and they make up a majority of people’s calorie intake.
b). I chose this suggestion because I like to snack. Whether I am at school or at home I usually always have a snack with me. I have always been busy so I would always grab a couple of snacks because I would never have time for dinner or lunch. I would then constantly snack throughout the day and night, eating more than I needed to because I felt as if I was still hungry. I also do this at school. Instead of having breakfast I eat a protein bar. It never fills me up so I end up snacking for a few hours. Because I had been snacking, I am usually not hungry for dinner so I just have a snack for dinner. It is a constant cycle of snacking that is unhealthier for me socially and

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