Earthsprite Essay

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’Earthspite product launch’ Media Plan Period: January 1 – June 30 2011

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Aomruthai JAINGAM
Develop a media plan


Business Description 2
Vision for the future 2
Business Goals/ Mission 3
Main Objectives 3
Marketing Analysis 5
Customer Analysis 6
Product benefits and unique selling position 7
Health conscious/ Eco conscious 8
Competitive analysis 8
Advertising strategies and media mix 10
Media vehicles to reach target audiences 12
Creative and communications considerations 13
Marketing schedule
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To expand more customer target within 6 months of advertising period. 2. To achieve 700 thousand hits on the Eywa’s Earthsprite product launch after the end of its campaign. 3. To increase brand awareness for Earthsprite products by 10% amongst the target audience in 6 months. 4. To position the Eathsprite products as the only high-quality, 100% natural, highly beneficial skin care with reasonably priced. 5. To inform Earthsprite product to customers. 6. To persuade main competitors’ customers to switch brand to Eywa.
Geographical markets:
The primary market will be inner city and suburban areas throughout Australia in order to capitalise on the shopping centres and local hubs of the major Australian cities (Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide).
Key advertising recommendations:
The following characteristics make up the primary target market of Eywa’s customers
• Female
• Professionals or wives of professionals
• Aged 24-54
• Roughly half will be married
• Combined annual household incomes of approximately $150,000
• From various racial backgrounds
• Live in inner city or sub-urban areas.
The primary target audience consists of women who are beauty conscious and interested in looking after their well-being using holistic approaches to health. They consider taking care of their skin a major priority. They live an active life, occupying themselves with any combination of work, study, raising children, staying fit and

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