Earthquake Of 1906 Analysis

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The earthquake of 1906 was a horribly destructive and stunning event. It was described by people that were there, some of them described it in books. One of these books in the novel Dragonwings, where a character named Moonshadow feels the ground twist and turn between his feet. There are also articles found that explain the natural phenomena of the terrible earthquake that occurred on April 18, 1906. The name of one remarkable article that gives many facts is called “Web Resource”. Though these experiences of the San Francisco earthquake are very distinct, they also share the same views and opinions about a lot of points in the event.

Experiences of the earthquake vary from places, the times it hit and how people percepted it. Moonshadow on one hand saw it as “The whole world came unglued.” whereas the “Web Resource” described it as “one of the most significant earthquakes as all time.” The “Web Resource” sees this natural disaster as a scientific action that helped push along technology to predict earthquakes, while Moonshadow views this as a catastrophe that he was “just so relieved that we were still alive after the disaster.” Another diversity is that “Web Resource” talks about the heart shattering deaths and how many there were, and how many people thinks there was, while Dragonwings has the narrator, Moonshadow, not talk about how many casualties happened except a few. Dragonwings and “Web Resource” don’t always agree, and most of the time are completely irrelevant.
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Two of these are “Web Resource” and Dragonwings. In Dragonwings the tone is less formal and has more of a personal feel to the story, while “Web Resource” Begins with a formal tone and follows through with that formal tone until the

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