Essay on Earth Tones, By Hung Vanngo

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Earth Tones, by Hung Vanngo.
There is always a supreme being that each individual believes in and most of us acknowledge that he has given everyone a gift. One of such gifts is art which might include painting, designing outfits and body makeup. Most parents especially in the African countries don’t pay much attention in building and enabling their kids to discover their talent. Only those who are strong enough to fight for what they like despite the pressure from the parents to concentrate on school work who discover themselves. One of the successful artists is Hung Vanngo whose passion is to keep women beautiful by keeping the right makeup.
Vietnam to Canada
Hung Vanngo was born and raised in Vietnam to his middle childhood when he moved to Canada. He grew up there to his early adulthood. The exposure to the cultures of that environment where he grew gave him an inspiration to concentrate on art. One of the things that he did with passion during his childhood was painting which enabled him to master color leading to development of his current career of a makeup artist. Immediately after high school education he went to pursue art in Earnest where his career was fully developed. Thereafter he moved to New York where he became more prominent with his artistry among the most well known people like Greg Kadel, KT Auleta and many other photographers.
Soil Inspired
One of Hung’s well known work is the application earthy tones. Earthy tone is a color scheme that most of its…

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