Essay on Earth Is Our Only Home

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Earth is our only home. Our sanctuary, our adventure. This is where we breath, live, and make memories. Earth is a place of beautiful and terrifying nature; volcanoes, waterfalls, and oceans full of majestic organisms. This is your child’s home, and your grandchildren 's, and your grandchildren’s grandchildren…. Or will it be? Our Earth that we currently know, full of the beautiful things we know and see, is going to come to an end. And at a highly faster rate than you think. You, me, everyone, are contributing to the destruction of this beautiful planet. Everyday you drive your car, throw away trash, use the restroom, turn on your lights in your house, you are contributing in what this planet will soon be. A wasteland, full of abandoned hopes and memories. The only way this planet would last for a very, very long time, is if humans didn’t exist. But here we are. Extinction is not something that is going to happen to us right away. So, the only way we are going to stop this is to change our ways. We need to stop polluting our Earth with excessive carbon dioxide emissions, and most of all, the people of this Earth need to realize that there is a problem. And that problem is global warming. Carbon Dioxide isn’t something we can exactly see with the human eye. Especially the carbon dioxide that comes from the mufflers of our vehicles. It comes from a lot of other things besides our cars; another big factor are factories and coal burning. Anyways, the carbon dioxide enters our…

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