Early Development Of The Printing Press Essay

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In the early development of the printing press has made books available and accessible. Books were being translated into local languages, which made it more understandable to local readers. This also helped strengthen local languages and drastically decline the use of Latin. The printing press has also dramatically spread the use of literature, sharing information and mass communication. During the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century, both protestant believers and religious authorities had built a strong foundation for accepting new religious changes, including new forms of worship, political change from gathering public interest by using the printing press as a resource to spread the new beliefs in vernacular bibles, pamphlets, and posters.

Protestant believers and religious authorities both had similar ideas of using the printing press to produce informative printed text to be accessible by literate people, for an inexpensive price. During the Reformation the both protestant and religious authority their propaganda were made to gain public interest into adopting new and improve ideas of religious practices. Both groups had attempted to publish pamphlets, posters, and bibles to continue on influencing and attracting new believers. They both had the same belief that salvation is the way to eternal life from God’s will for all people. Furthermore, the proposition and faith of the reform writers such as Martin Luther, mass communication were widely…

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