Early Childhood Misconduct And The Environment On Psychopathy And Antisocial Personality Disorder

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There are many theories that show that early childhood misconduct and the environment have a an effect on psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder. In the article the article the etiology of psychopathy a neuropsychological perspective by Pamela R Perez outlines the Literature that has been written over the decades on childhood’s effect on psychopathy. The article outlines the effect of attachment disorder has on the development of anti-social personality disorder. The bond we form as children to our primary caregivers is very essential to development of normal personality characteristics. Using case studies the article examines some of the family histories of known psychopaths and violent offenders. The article explains that the offenders had a history of heavy abuse and violence in their childhood or suffered neglect at the hands of a caregiver. The article explains that at the very at least grow up in homes where violence was the norm. Example of this Edward Gen a known serial killer grew up in an extremely abusive environment where violence was the norm and learned violence is acceptable and proceeded to be violent himself. The article suggests that correctional facilities are filled with man and woman who when they were children already had the attentions of caretakers and teachers all the time long before the legal authority. These teachers and care givers had already labeled the children young psychopaths. . (Perez, 2012, 519). The correlation between…

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