Early Childhood Cap Group As Well Essay

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I think this case also connects to the early childhood CAP group as well. Linda is certainly worried about if her child will become the potential victim of child abuse from her husband. I think Linda made the decision definitely based on the factors contributing to early child cognitive development that have been presented by the early childhood development CAP group, especially on the parents figure attachment. Linda told me no matter how many extra jobs she has to work after the divorce, she will still hold on to the custody of her child. Also, I think is equally important to consider the influence her husband has over her child after their child dropped out of school due to the father wasting the money on drugs. This connects back to the Unequal Childhoods, class, race and family life. I think Linda’s case connects to Lareau’s explanation about child rearing. Lareau thinks concerted cultivation is prior to the middle-class family and the working-class and poor families in raising their children with natural accomplishment of growth. Lareau said Middle-class parents who comply with current professional standards and engage in a pattern of concerted cultivation deliberately try to stimulate their children’s development and foster their cognitive and social skills. … For working-class and poor families, sustaining children’s natural growth is viewed as an accomplishment(Lareau, 2005, pg5). I think even we agree with the fact that the low-income family has the low…

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