Earl Lloyd And The Fame Of Basketball Essay

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"When you 're treated as a fourth-class citizen your whole life, it 's been drilled in that you 're inferior. But I have a great revelation: we all put our pants on the same way, and I proved that I belonged."(Ex-Piston) Earl Lloyd introduced the sport of basketball in the National Basketball Association (NBA) to many foreign and colored people around the United States in the 1960s. His impeccable leadership and bravery led him to become the very first black player in the NBA. He encountered discrimination and explored countless new ideas in achieving equality in American basketball. While many African Americans encountered discrimination, Earl Lloyd explored new ideas in social equality by starting integration in the NBA.
Earl Lloyd 's mother strongly influenced the actions of Earl Lloyd during a time with much discrimination. Because of his mother 's guidance and patience, become an outstanding student and an astounding athlete. He graduated from West Virginia State University and became the first black player in the NBA. His mother nurtured him through years of discrimination. She made him fight through all of the obstacles he had to faced.”Lloyd 's mother 's wisdom influenced him to become a good student and an outstanding athlete." (Earl Francis) She not only guided him through all of his challenges, but she made all of his problems her problems. Through all of Lloyd’s ups and downs, his mother stayed by his side and made sure he always did his best to succeed in…

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