E Publishing : A World Of Constant Change Essay

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Introduction to e-publishing

Nowadays, society is experiencing a world of constant change. New ideas are always emerging and every aspect of the daily life is being updated by technology. From the very start of the day, people is surrounded by media, internet, personals computers, and phones; occasionally without being aware that all those activities and uses fall down to the Information, communication and technology (I.C.T) term. This term is often associated with elaborate technology and expensive machines but I.C.T. also covers basic areas and conventional technologies such as phones and Televisions technology.
While definitions of ICTs are varied, words like produce, store, process, distribute and exchange of information can be found as common denominators in every definitions, then it can be said that I.C.T. is any technology that supports activities involving information, collaboration and communication. I.C.T plays a huge part in modern life and it was introduced to the society in order to integrate the inevitable collision of technology and information with the human being natural need to communicate. In a relatively short time this term has become a part of the development of a country, organisations like UNESCO has recognise I.C.T. has part of their agenda and currently aim to ensure that every country have access to I.C.T. recognising the huge impact it has in a country 's economy and education system. I.C.T. has revolution many areas, nevertheless, this…

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