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A Machine to identify Vitamins
Md. Shafiul Alam
ID: 11-94840-2,
Research methodology
American International University (AIUB)
Email: sumonalam85@yahoo.com

Abstract. Vitamin is one of the essential elements of human body. To keep our human body fit there is no alternative way of vitamins. We get this essential element in different foods, fruits, vegetable etc. But now a days this vitamin is being identified and measured by the biological and chemical activities which are very much complicated procedure and time consuming. So an automatic vitamin identify machine is needed to make the operation easy. My Vitamin Identify Machine which I am thinking to invent can solve the problem easily. Someday the machine must be invented to
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Unfortunately, there is no specific machine that is used to identify and measure the amount of vitamins. My future invention which I like to invent can solve the problem easily by using the current computer technology. Vitamin’s name and measurement of vitamins can be identified and measured by using my technology. There will be a machine with a container which is connected with computer. We will keep the fruits, vegetables, foods etc. inside the container and the computer will identify the name of the vitamin and measure amount of the vitamin by using the Machine. The container will be connected with computer. There will be a software which can help us to complete the operation.
Key components of my approach are (1)Vitamin identifier and measurement machine (2) a container which connected with the computer (3) a software (4) a portable device connected with all devices. So it will be very much easier to do the operation and it will be very much helpful to take care of our health.

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"Vitamin" refers to a number of VI tamer compounds that all show the biological activity associated with a particular vitamin. Such a set of chemicals is grouped under an alphabetized vitamin "generic descriptor" title, such as:

Vitamin C: Two analytical methods for extracting vitamin C (L-ascorbic and L-dehydroascorbic acids) in tropical fruits [banana, papaya, mango (at three maturity stages) and pineapple] were evaluated.

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