Dyslexi Symptoms And Symptoms, And Diagnosis Process Essay

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Dyslexia According to the Dyslexia Research Institute, dyslexia is a disability that affect approximately ten to fifteen percent of the United States population (2004). Because dyslexia is often dismissed as lethargy, the disorder, its effects, signs and symptoms, and diagnosis process must be understood for the sake of those who suffer from the difficult disorder. Dyslexia is the primary reading disorder that results from written word processing abnormality in the brain. The word “dyslexia” comes from the Greek root “dys”- meaning not or difficult- and “lexia”- meaning reading. This inherited irregularity affects those parts of the brain concerned with language comprehension, hindering one’s ability to convert written letters and words into speech. The disorder is characterized by poor spelling and decoding abilities in addition to the difficulties with accurate and fluent word recognition (International Dyslexia Association, 2002). The disability can strike anyone without regard for gender, race, intelligence, or social class. However, dyslexia is more common in males. The Report of the Task Force on Dyslexia (2001) indicates that dyslexia is manifested in a continuum of specific learning difficulties related to the acquisition of basic skills in reading, spelling, and /or composition. This determined continuum is characterized by difficulties in phonological processing, working memory, and rapid naming, and automaticity of basic skills. All of these…

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