Dynacorp Case Analysis Essay example

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The political lens sees an organization as “an arena for competition and conflict among individuals, groups, and other organizations whose interest and goals differ and even clash dramatically” (Ancona, Kochan, Scully, Van Maanen, & Westney, 2005: M-2, 33). It assumes that “In the political perspective, the roots of conflict lie in different and competing interests, and disagreements require political action, including negotiation, coalition building, and the exercise of power and influence, all of which recognize that rationality is local” (Ancona et al., 2005: M2, 33). I will analyze and explain the concepts within the political landscape to explain the new front end / back end structure at Dyna Corporation,
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He is described by Greystone as “his most experienced manager”. Mr. Walker also feels that the company new strategy is a positive one, but he has a different view than Mr. Greystone on the implementation of this strategy. He says about the new strategy, “I think it’s a move in the right direction. Finally we’re able to compete with the foreign and domestic competitors that are grabbing the market with their emphasis on customized solutions. Our short-term problem is that we have a new structure, but the same people to fill the slots….In fact, the skills and attitudes [of our people] on many levels are mismatched with our current needs”. Walker’s attitude towards the solution of the implementation shortcomings gives us an insight in to his interest. By proposing that with the help of “early retirement, downsizing, and the addition of appropriately retrained staff” the company might be able to achieve its new goals he is proposing that he wants a quicker solution to the problem. Walker might have both short and long term goals in his tactics. His short term goals might be to comply with the proposed solutions as early as possible and replace the “incompetent” employees by ones that have “matching skills and attitudes” to the position requirements. The approach to replace about 25% of the staff will allow Mr. Walker “to show everyone that [they] are serious about change”. He might want to show his superiors that he is capable of implementing a

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