Due Process of Law Essay

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Due Process of Law

In our government today we have due process of law. Due process of law simply means that we have protection against a chance deprivation of life, liberty or property. Within the due process law, if you are to be accused of something it has to be under fair and reasonable circumstances. If we are ever to be arrested of something, under due process it commands that we are taken to court and showed a cause. It is very important that we have due process in the law for the people of the United States. Law enforcement always requires the balancing of two competing social concerns: on one hand, is the government's interest in protecting its citizens and prosecuting criminal conduct; on the other hand, is the right of
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Copyright Issue

The age of computers and new technology has given humans an immense capacity to do anything imaginable through the internet. The internet enables us to communicate around the world with people we have never even met before. It allows communicating and finding information that we had previously only dreamed of. It gives us the opportunity to explore the world in the comfort of our own homes. Using a simple computer gives us access to anything we wish and desire. Each and every day new technology is allowing us to view the world in a different perspective. Though the internet puts the world at our finger tips, it creates an enormous problem for many people. One of the major concerns is the copyright law violation of people who put their work on-line. The fact that their work could be easily manipulated and copied without the consent of the owner is a major issue. Though copyrights laws are meant to protect the rights of a person’s work, it becomes difficult to some extent to enforce this law among the internet and internet users. A big copyright scandal was the case of Napster, Napster was a files sharing website where people were able to download: music, software, movies, etc… violating copyright in all the scene of the word. The four university student that ran Napster were sue and agreed to pay $ 2,000 to $ 17,000, although

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