Essay about Dual Career Families

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Dual Career Families
The societies in the United States and other societies abroad are enduring many changes at a rather rapid rate. The changes that I am specifically referencing are those involved with altering the norms and cultural traditions among marriages. There is a vast amount of growth among both the husband and wife fulfilling full-time careers. In the past, more traditional marriages existed. The husband would endure a full-time career while the wife stayed at home and completed the majority of the domestic work. The traditional marriage has definitely changed, as it has become more of a norm for both the husband and wife to maintain separate careers.
Research has identified numerous variables that affect the stability of a
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In addition to the proper distribution of the domestic work load, job stressors are also factors that affect the stability and health of marriages (i.e. crossover of occupational stress). The research has shown that one partner comes to share the feelings of the other, and to experience strains as if they were his or her own (Westman and Etzion, 1995). The sharing of the stressors and strains may be attributed to the stressors that are experienced in a marital couple's personal environment, such as financial problems etc. The research that was based on the Demands-Supports-Constraints model found that crossover was primarily related to lack of support and problematic interpersonal relationships at work (Jones and Fletcher, 1993). Sixty-five percent of couples responded that they talk about their job related problems daily or almost every day. The job related problems that exist are often results of the features that a job possess such as, workload demands, quality demands, support from boss, support from colleagues, and commitment. All job features were significantly correlated with work-related depression/enthusiasm for both men and women, with the exception of work load demands (i.e. quality demands were associated with higher level of depression and lower levels of enthusiasm, and support and commitment were related to higher levels of

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