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DTTLS Essay 4.

Subject Knowledge and Understanding ← Demonstrate an understanding of the skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT which underpin your subject specialism. What skills (and levels) in these areas do your learners need?

Skills: Literacy – to read English for handouts. Spoken – to understand English and follow verbal instructions, to understand feedback and give tutor information re: progress. Written – to complete enrolment forms, health forms, learning aims forms. Levels: beginners, all levels and improvers. IT – access information online, email tutor, search for other classes/progression.

Demonstrate understanding of the general economic, social and personal issues relating to weak
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An illiterate person has virtually no access to this other world that our society depends so heavily on. Without literacy, individuals would lack the tools they need to learn efficiently as the lessons of the past and other societies are lost to those who cannot read and write. At the same time, global events more than ever affect every aspect of our lives, thus the illiterate cannot make informed decisions.

Literacy not only helps a person succeed in our modern world, it changes how we think so we can address far more abstract concepts. With the ability to access unlimited information, the literate person can become a more inventive and creative individual. At the same time, such a person is more apt to comprehend the connections that exist in society and the need for peaceful coexistence. As such, literacy helps people obtain the skills and foresight they need to resolve conflicts. Moreover, illiterate or weakly literate individuals hurt society and themselves by remaining in the dark. Without the essential skills, no one can go on to develop a higher skill. Remember learning how to add and subtract? Without those skills, you could not have learned how to multiply and divide, nor progress to a higher level. If you don't know the basics of ANYTHING, you'll never progress. The importance of literacy tools is therefore extremely important especially in the modern age of globalised, technology rich economies. The

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