Drugs Have Become A Double Edged Sword Essay

703 Words Nov 16th, 2016 3 Pages
In today 's society where modern healthcare is rapidly innovated, drugs have become a double-edged sword. Drug discovery is evidently a significant determinant of human longevity. Nonetheless, drug addiction is an alarming communal problem. The consequences caused by drug abuse extend beyond the individual victim to the society as a whole. Specifically, drug addiction contributes to various social issues such as homelessness, poor education, and crimes. Although drug abuse is a tremendous public health problem, many people are still indifferent to the issue. There is an immediate need for raising public awareness about drug addiction. As a freshman in college, I eager to impact my fellow student body by educating them on drugs. Two of my friends and I decided to create flyers about drug addiction, and distribute them around campus to raise awareness. We focused our research on the worrisome scenario of drug abuse in the United States. For instance, we learned about the financial and social consequences of drug abuse, the startling lack of professional treatment for addicts, and the biological damage of prolonged exposure to drugs. We then combined all the information to create a simplistic, aesthetic, and instructive infographic using a tool called Venngage. We spent hours to distribute the flyers to students around campus. We also taped the flyers to some buildings’ doors to catch attention. Although my devotion might be such a grain of salt in a borderless ocean, I…

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