Drugs : Drugs And Drugs Essay

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There is no denying heroin has infiltrated all areas of the country and all levels of society and that its emergence is traced back to misuse and abuse of prescription painkillers. As this research has noted, narcotic painkillers are similar to heroin, both are opioids, and they act in similar ways in the brain, producing the same kind of euphoria and lead to the same devastating addiction. Consequently, drug dealers provided heroin as the cheaper alternative for prescription opioid addicts desperate for the next fix. Heroin is cheaper and easier to find than pain pills, so addicts naturally turned to this illegal drug to fuel their dependency. As such, drug cartels seized an opportunity to meet the demand with supplies of cheap heroin in suburbs and rural states, areas where heroin was obsolete and unheard-of prior to the prescription opioid upsurge, as noted from the resource contributed from Quinones’ book Dreamland. Deaths attributed to heroin use have quadrupled in the past decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control, as it becomes common for opioid analgesic users to transition to heroin after dependency and addiction set in. What shocks the conscious for the American society is the evolution of the substance abuser from the inner city, underprivileged youth to the upstanding, contributing member of society. This epidemic and progression of abuser have captured media attention of all genres for several years, but nothing in comparison to when beloved…

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