Drugs And Its Effects On Society Essay

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In general, every society face a big number of troubles. There are many different

problems form ocean to ocean, the problem these days are trading in illegal drugs

and with illegal drugs bring crime. Drugs cause wrong decisions choose, drugs are

not need making people do things that are not right, however make it so that people

do not think straight. When people are not think straight they may go to make bad

choices. When people make wrong choices it usually puts around them in danger

which is not good to have citizens endanger ever.

The Anti-drug are trying to prevent drug use as well as treating addict. The

most effect in drugs is young people.

It’s not unusual for people to feel confused about taking drugs, people may be

feeling pressure from their friends or classmates, or they might curious about what

using a drug would be like. There are plenty types of drugs and their effects on

people brain and body.

A drug is a broad label given to any substance that alters the way your brain and

body works. Alcohol and cigarettes are drugs that people of a certain age can use

legally. Certain drugs are also illegal, like marijuana and cocaine. Drugs can be

broadly classified based on their chemical properties and side effects.

The black market that is dedicated to the illegal trading of drugs that are been

prohibited across the world that involves cultivation, manufacture, distribution and

sale of it.This market is involving People to spent Billions…

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