Drugs Among Young Adults Essay

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"The Use of Drugs among Young Adults."

The use of drugs have been a controversial issue of studies for many years. Drug abuse is the misuse of drugs while being aware or ignorant of the tremendous effect accompanying it. Many young adults have great delight in the use of drugs thus they have the tendency of making right decisions. The admired decision makers of our beloved country, "The use of Drugs among Young Adults" have become treat to the society, young adult abuses drugs because they are oblivious of the consequences accompanying the misuse of drugs, the use of doping in sports, the health issues, burden to the society and leading to a hopeless Era, it is a pity that we are all living in a world of ignorance and the government are not
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Many professional athletes who uses doping to enhance their chance of performing well in games has being a source of rumors in sports. Mr. Hamidi writes "In 1928, the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) became the first international federation To prohibit doping in sports”(2). doping was later made illegal and who ever spotted using doping to increase his or her rate of performance will be brought to book and fined, suspended and even termination of his or her career. Doping was never a good drugs but it has help thousands of people succeed in their sports career and made them high competitors in what they do. They gain a lot of respect and honor from their supporters and they are referred to them as the legend. Lawmakers, making doping illegal crashed Many legends careers. Doping destroys the organs of the individual that uses it, despite that, doctors help prescribe dopers for people with a special medical cases. More than often athletes still uses doping to increase their rate of performances but in a little amount so that their little secret will not be revealed. Youth especially college student do the same thing it is like a legacy passed to our generation by the generation before us and will still be pass to the future, despite all this risks many peoples still believes making doping illegal at the first place is not the best cost of action but to them risking the lives of our youth is better than prohibiting the use of doping in

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