Drugs Addiction And How Gene Association May Help Us Better Understanding Through Reading Them

705 Words Apr 26th, 2016 3 Pages
There are so many professional journals that can help a professional develop knowledge and better understanding through reading them. It is something that every helping professional needs to do because it allows them to gain further knowledge and challenge what they already know. If a helping professional isn’t constantly learning about addiction then they are doing an injustice to their clients and therapists as a whole. We are supposed to be constantly learning in order to gain more knowledge about our field and help our clients with the most innovative and useful knowledge out there.
The professional journal that I had found discusses a person’s genetic susceptibility to heroin addiction and how gene association may help us better understanding an addiction to heroin. It is very genetically based and relies heavily the idea that several genes and variants within heroin addiction that may actually show addiction is genetically based. It talks about how heroin addiction is seem as a compulsive drug seeking, drug abuse, tolerance, and physical dependence.
This journal and corresponding experiment was designed to identify genetic variants that are associated with a susceptibility to develop heroin addiction. This experiment analyses 1350 variants in a study of 620 candidate genes. I really enjoyed reading the more scientific understanding of addiction and whether or not there are genetic variables that may have an influence on developing a heroin problem. I learned many…

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