Drug Use For Psychotropic Drugs Essay

2240 Words Dec 12th, 2016 9 Pages
For thousands of years, in order to ensure their longevity, mankind has had to find the cures to their diseases and illnesses within the world around them. For most of human existence, we did not have doctors and pharmacies as we know them today. Cures and therapies were made from plants and animals found around people’s native environments. As mankind progressed and industrialized the world, we learned how to control the world around us, how to manipulate it on an atomic and molecular level. From this manipulation we have seen a rise in manmade chemicals replacing nature-based remedies. One group of chemicals that has stirred much controversy in recent years is known as psychotropic drugs. These drugs are synthesized with the purpose of affecting the users’ mood, emotions and behavior. They range in their prescription from children diagnosed with ADHD, to individuals institutionalized for schizophrenia. The most common use for psychotropic drugs is in treating depression and anxiety. In the United States alone, psychotropic drug use is a $16 billion industry as of 2011. Anti-depressants have shown to be useful in treating some symptoms of depression in some patients; they have also been shown to help patients in new ways, such as pain management or smoking cessation. However, overprescribing these drugs has led us to a point in which one in five adults is now taking some form of psychotropic drug, and one in ten over the age of twelve taking at least one…

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