Drug Use And Its Effects On Black Communities Essay

813 Words Apr 6th, 2016 4 Pages
the possession or distribution of narcotics, as well as, no-knock warrants that were used in Washington, D.C., which is a predominately Black community. Under Reagan, there was “ zero tolerance” for drug use, which was enforced throughout America, but through different measures depending on your race. Lassiter (2016) explains how educational programs about drugs and health were implemented in white, middle-class neighborhoods and policing was enforced in urban minority communities. The organized exclusion created mass incarcerations that negatively shaped Black communities. The idea of people being proud of their black community faded when the government targeted them as the “enemy” of the war. There are single- parent homes, where there were once strong familial bonds. Those potential role models have been stripped from the lives of their children. The biggest impact it has had, is on the loss of earnings and wealth. Unoccupied jobs are no longer available to minorities that have been incarcerated, because they are seen as undesirable or risks, which leads to recidivism. According to Wehrman (2010) the Bureau of Justice states, Black male 's chances of incarceration were 6.5 times greater than the chances for a White man. It creates a cycle of crime because they have no transferable skills needed to obtain a job. Their backgrounds are infiltrated with high poverty rates and low education levels. The goal of owning their own homes are more than likely not possible…

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