Drug Trafficking In Mexico Analysis

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One of the causes of the involvement in drug trafficking between Mexico and the United States is the narco-culture in society. As the author of the article said most of the young people get involved in this crime because they see this Cartel leaders as heroes. They want to have all the money and power their have. The narco-lifestyles as it is called, is glamorized through narcocorridos (The narcocorrido is a musical composition that is notorious for its violent protagonists and powerful storylines). The people that get involved in this crime is usually lower class communities that believes that the only way to achieve their goals is getting involved into drug trafficking. In this communities drug dealer are seen as “Robin hood” because their help the member of the communities by increasing their quality of life, constructing houses and school and providing jobs opportunities.
Richmond, K. L., & Richmond, R. G. (2014). Corridos, drugs and violence: an analysis of Mexican drug ballads. Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences, 29(2). 156-218.
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As they called narco cartels are creating a mass of crime and violence between both countries. Both government declare a “war on drugs” with the idea that drug consumption and drug trafficking will stop or will get control. But has been found that U.S.-Mexico border have become a common activity that generated its own subcultural style that include music and folklore. The narcocorridos music and narco telenovelas are celebrating and chronicles the drug trade and high lives of traffickers. “However, most workers in the drug trade are not the wealthy superheroes or villains portrayed in narcocorridos.” El Paso/Ciudad Juarez are the most affecting cities in both countries. The rich folklore about drug trafficking shows how drug dealers become as “normal”and part of the cultural and everyday

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