Essay on Drug Addiction And Substance Abuse

1733 Words Dec 25th, 2016 7 Pages
The Daily Mail published an article to report that Miranda Devine, an Australian political commentator, says meth-addicted people should be sterilised and ought to be prevented from having children. She made these comments after a meth-addicted couple in Sydney was allowed to keep the custody of their child under a scheme which would assist the couple to improve their parenting skills with the help of a part time live in carer (Mail Online 2016). In this paper I will look at the stigmatisation, marginalistaion and discrimination faced by the people with substance use disorders who are labeled as drug addicts. Stigma associated with substance addiction and substance use is very strong and is often structurally reinforced by government policy, which makes it acceptable in the society. Policies like “war on drugs” contribute to the socio-cultural stigmatization of substance users and view drug users as criminal and junkies (Earnshaw et al 2013). Significant portion of the UK population hold the view that people with drug dependency are to be blamed for their condition (UKDPC: 2010) which results in the lack of tolerance therefore, noticeably more negative public attitude is faced by those with drug addiction when compared with people with mental health problems (UKDPC: 2010). This thinking is visible in the comments made by Ms Devine where she seems to hold the view that the people who have history of drug use should have no rights to the family life and should be denied of…

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