Drug Abuse: The Effects Of Drugs Affects People

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Have you ever thought about all the different ways that drug abuse could affect someone? Those who abuse drugs aren 't always addicted, although the ones who do become addicts usually don’t realize all the ways that they are affecting their life and the also the people who are around them in a multitude of ways. What people who abuse drugs don’t always understand is, that drugs can alter a person’s thoughts, actions, and also their personal appearance. Once drug abuse turns into addiction it can have many lasting affects on the abuser and the people close to them. Drug abuse is not always drug addiction, when the abuse turns into addiction is when the drug start to change the way someone normally act, think, and talk. Addiction forms over a period of time during this time the persons body is adapting to the drugs, and getting used to having them in the bodily system. Drug addiction isn’t as much about the amount of drugs that someone is using or the type of drug the person is using but more about the way the drugs are affecting the person and their life. When drugs begin to affect someones life they can in many different ways, such as causing someone to say things and do things that they would not have done before. Acting different and talking different could …show more content…
Addicts will go all the way to theft for getting the money they need to supply their wants. Those who are using drugs are having to buy them or get them some other way and they are also more likely to make, sell, and sometimes even make fake prescriptions just to get the drugs that they want. Getting caught doing these things could cost them time in jail, court expenses, having to go into a rehabilitation center. If someone is caught they have to pay a great deal of money, having to do this sometimes causes people to be without money. Some people could become so dedicated to drugs that they loose their property, family, and

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