Drones: The Push-Button, Video Game Mentality Of Drone Attacks

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Register to read the introduction… However, the decision to execute a drone strike is similar to that of the decision to execute an air strike from a manned aircraft. In almost all cases, targets for strikes are surveyed for days if not weeks. Data is collected by some of the highest resolution cameras in the world which can capture images from high altitudes and speeds. Then, after compiling the data of expected damages and effectiveness of the strike, an assessment is made on the expected result and the legality of the action being taken. Also, there are nearly 200 highly trained professionals involved in the decision to conduct a strike or not. Arguments often arise that the “push-button” mentality is used with drone warfare, and is the reason that these strikes should only be carried out by manned aircrafts. The simple explanation is that a manned aircraft is firing from the same altitude as a drone, but with less accuracy and a higher likelihood to cause collateral damage than a drone is all that is used in rebuttal. The same method that involves drone surveillance is put into manned aircraft strikes, with the exception that the less accurate manned aircraft carries out the strike (Anderson). When talking about drone use in warfare, a video game mentality is not the description that can be used; however, a more accurate description would be that of precision and …show more content…
It is often believed that drones have not been used for surveillance within the United States; however, since 2004, unmanned aircrafts have been flown over three thousand hours in the name of law enforcement surveillance. The surveillance missions have led to more than 4,700 arrests and the confiscation of over 22,000 pounds of marijuana in by the Department of Homeland Security’s border security department. New Technologies have allowed target controls to track the mark within a foot of its location, leading to the many arrests and seizures over the years (Bump). Similar to this, Seattle police are the first to be given permission, from the federal government, to start using drones as a surveillance system for law enforcement. Drones will be utilized for search and rescue, natural disasters, and unusual crime scene surveillance. Search times will be drastically reduced and costs will be cut. FAA guidelines limit the drone so that they may not be flown over crowds or at night; also, the drone must be below the altitude of 400 feet or within eyesight. The small helicopter like drones will included high definition video and an infrared camera in order to provide a wide range of images for analysis (Seattle Police Drafting Policy for Using Drones). Drones for law enforcement are beginning to become more common throughout America as new technologies evolve, providing for more …show more content…
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