Drinking Motives And Alcohol Consumption

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Alcohol consumption has been on the rise in the United States, especially among college students (Engs & Hanson, 1990). That also indicates that there are more alcohol dependence and alcohol-related health problems among young adults. It is possibly due to four main drinking motives that are typically occurring during the twenties. According to previous studies, there are strong positive correlations between Drinking motives and alcohol consumption. In addition to that, there’s strong negative correlation between the usage of Protective Behavioral Strategies and alcohol consumption as well. There are many previous studies that have researched and supported their own hypotheses on drinking motives and the effectiveness of Protective Behavioral Strategies. The purpose of discussing this important, alarming topic is because it would be beneficial and crucial for college students to gain more knowledge and understand on the effectiveness of Protective Behavioral Strategies that would help them to control their alcohol intake and become more responsible when come across to those drinking motives, especially when in environments that would influence them to drink irresponsibly. In my current study, I hope to find a positive correlation between drinking motives and alcohol intake and a negative correlation between PBS and drinking motives with alcohol consumption. To start with a general idea of alcohol consumption among college students, there’s a recent statistic according to

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