Drinking In Movies

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College students in general have a reputation for drinking large quantities of alcohol. There are numerous movies that show young adults drinking a lot of alcohol, otherwise known as binge drinking. The films usually show alcohol as being fun. However, there are little to no consequences given to young adults. Thus, the young adults watching these films are encouraged to heavily drink due to the fact that they do not think they will get in serious trouble.
I chose this phenomenon due to alcohol being a prominent role in college life. The media shows the message that alcohol is fun and the consequences are not that serious. Young adults have been known to heavily drink alcohol especially in college. Therefore, this relates to our class because we are students at a big university; and we are exposed to alcohol at our school.
Do movies that glorify drinking encourage young adults in college to drink more after being watching to them?

Leonard Berkowitz and his associates did a series of experiments to show that when violent people watched media violence, they were “more likely to behave aggressively” (Sparks, 2013). Berkowitz and his colleague Eunkyung Jo realized
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The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism funded a study to see “the influence of alcohol expectancy priming and mood manipulation on subsequent alcohol consumption” (Stein, Goldman, & Del Boca, 2000). They concluded, “ that priming of alcohol expectancy memory processes would increase alcohol consumption” (Stein, Goldman, & Del Boca, 2000). Another study, published in the American Academy for Pediatrics showed that “seeing alcohol depictions in movies is an independent predictor of drinking initiation, particularly for more risky patterns of drinking” (Hanewinkel, Sargent, Hunt, Sweeting, Engels, Scholte, Mathis, Florek, & Morgenstern,

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