Drinking Candle Science Experiment

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Investigating if dissimilar sized candles have the capability of drinking equivalent quantity of water.

Aim: The drinking candle science experiment is quite enthralling, as when performed, you'll observe a burning candle drinking up all the water kept beneath it due to the behaviour of the atmospheric pressure. The aim of this experiment is to investigate if unlike sized candles have the capability of drinking the same amount of water.

Hypothesis: With all the information given on different websites addressing this experiment, it seems as if the size of the candle may not bring much of a difference to the atmospheric pressure to draw the fluid into the cup by suction. I believe that different candle sizes won't bring a drastic change in the
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Add one teaspoon of food colouring. This will make it easier to observe the movement of the water later.
Place one candle in the centre of the water in the dish.
Use a match/lighter to light the candles.
Time 20 seconds with a stopwatch, then after 20 seconds turn the glass upside down and place the glass over the candle.
When the water is sucked in from beneath and into the glass, with a permanent marker, draw a line to where the water has reached in the glass.
Clean up and do the experiment again, but this time, use a different sized candle.
Once you've done the same with for all the candles, compare where the water has reached.
Repeat this 3 times to ensure your accuracy of where the water has reached.

The independent variable is the candle as it doesn't rely on anything to change.
The dependent variable is the water as the water is dependent on the type of candle being used for the water to rise and be measured.
The controlled variables are the things that were kept the same to make this a fair test. Therefore, the same amount of water, same glass, and the same amount of food colouring were used to make this experiment equitable.



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