Dred Scott Decision Supreme Court Essay

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On March 1857 a case was opened in the U.S. Supreme Court about a man who decided to fight for his freedom. The Dred Scott Decision was named after the courageous man, Dred Scott, who valiantly defied the order of slavery to obtain what every white man had, freedom. Dred decided to fight for his freedom when his master passed away while being at the state of Illinois that was considered a free state for all. Even though the Supreme Court disagreed with him, and got involved in his case to prove that Dred couldn’t claim his freedom or U.S. citizenship. During the Dred Scott decision the U.S. Supreme court was justified that slaves could not claim U.S. citizenship, however Chief Justice Roger B supported Dred Scott. The U.S. Supreme Court had the case opened for “four years before making a decision” (Littel 162) over Dred’s freedom. During the four years, he never gave up hope that one day he would obtain his freedom even if the decision made by the Supreme Court would rule against it. Finally, on March 6, 1857 the decision was made and Dred was prepared to know by the court if he would be given freedom or U.S. citizenship. Then, the “court ruled that Scott’s sojourn of two years to Illinois and the Northwest territory” (Dred Scott Decision) did not meant that he was consider free. Scott was proven to be excluded from the constitution because when it was drafted in 1787 slaves were not considered citizens. The decision declared by the Supreme Court was well…

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