Essay about Dragons, Sorcery And Magic

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Dragons, sorcery and magic may not traditionally evoke thoughts of medievalism, though the Game of Thrones, through its depiction of the Middle ages, has successfully brought to the masses a compelling story grounded in real medieval analogs. To say that no artistic liberties were taken by the author would be ignorant. The story is in itself a work of fiction, though that does not disqualify it from encouraging interest in the Middle Ages. Much criticism and discussion has been brought up against the show for its supposed inaccurate portrayal of the Middle Ages, and its exploitative use of sex and violence . A topic that is often overlooked are the aspects in which Martin gets right. Should the fact that much of the book is based upon an actual war, be ignored? That the weapons, arms and strategies demonstrated throughout the story are respectful of the times, and that the struggles of the people are innately human. It brings to question should written works be discredited if not all aspects of its contents hold true. What would have to be said of works of Marco Polo, which were riddled with inconsistencies and known falsities . It is the combined use of real and imagined medieval elements that has contributed to its popularity. The story takes elements of very human struggles and places them in the backdrop of an amazing, different and some times all too similar world. The world Martin created is a one that evokes discussion and interest through its use of medieval…

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