Dr. Rs : A History Of Hypertension Essay

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 Mr. RS is a 40 years old African American male, who came to the clinic complaining of feeling tired and anxious for more than 6 months. He stated that he is irritable and worries about everything that he can not concentrate in his work. He also experiences trouble sleeping, muscle tension, palpitation and sweating at times. Persistence of above conditions prompted him to seek medical consult.
 Patient has a history of hypertension and is taking Norvasc 5 mg per day.
 Patient 's mother has history of depression. His dad is an alcoholic.
 Patient stated that he does not drink alcoholic beverages, but smokes 1 pack of cigarettes daily for 15 years. He denies use of recreational drugs. He is not compliant with his medications. He said he doesn’t like to eat vegetables or exercise. He denies any allergies to food or drugs. He is an office worker. He is married with 2 young children. His wife was recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, and she is going to receive chemotherapy treatments. He stated that lately there has been problems in his marriage due to his wife’s poor health and financial troubles.
 According to Woo and Wynne (2011):
 Amygdala is the area in the brain that controls emotions, sleep, mood, appetite (anxiety and fear center).
 When anxiety occurs, Amygdala and other parts of the brain such as Prefrontal cortex and Hypothalamus are out of controlled. This leads to imbalance of Serotonin and Norepinephrine reuptakes/absorption.
 Serotonin and…

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