Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 's I Have A Dream Speech Essay examples

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It’s been fifty-two years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr gave his, “ I Have a Dream Speech” Growing up in our schools, it is taught as if it was history that happened far in the past rather, than something that many of the population today was alive during this time. While, we as society likes to assume that we have gotten past racial inequalities, the disparities stare us right in the face, that we have yet to get anywhere within reach of Dr. King’s dreams. We all assume that since we have a black president and a black figure for freedom and peace we have suddenly gotten past the years of discrimination and cruelty.This account of a African American woman in the 1950’s shows very blatant signs of racism, which these events described really aren’t much different than today when examined America still has apparent racial divides . Michelle Birdsong begins her account by describing her school life in Tennessee, “ I realized our colored school was receiving and adopting the white school’s used old, discarded, outdated textbooks.” (Goode, 2015, p.329) Birdsong starts off with school life, it’s the initial place that children learn about the divides between people just, like when she found out the textbooks weren’t as high quality as it was for white people. Which, today the division of quality education is also racially divided, just not controlled by the state. Looking back through my elementary yearbooks I’ve noticed that there was always one class out of the three…

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