Dr. Daniel Miller 's Article On Whether Lsd Can Make Us Smarter Sicker Happier Healthier And Healthier

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On April 1, 2016. Daniel Miller wrote an article on whether LSD can make us "smarter, happier and healthier" and if we should all try it as a society. The article goes into detail on the history of the use of LSD, and the laws and regulations that came out of its popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s. It continues down the timeline to present day where scientist have started to conduct experiments on the usefulness of LSD as a drug. The result of the experiment show, that the subject who had taken a dose of psilocybin had profound experiences and a few say that it changed their outlook on life. Saying that the experience they had was more important than the birth of their child, or a loss of a family member. Some say that they 're now more open minded and work harder. The researchers for the experiments had said that LSD or hallucinogens, in general, can make our brain connect with parts of itself that don 't normally communicate.

I believe what Daniel is trying to convey is that LSD and other hallucinogens can help us become better people, to open our minds up to different possibilities and that perhaps, they were misclassified by the government out of fear of what they would do to society. Although hallucinogens can be very beneficial to the terminally ill, people with mental disabilities, and healthy people too. They are seen as too dangerous to be used in an uncontrolled environment. Daniel states that many results of the experiments that were done in a…

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