Dr. Beckitt's Dental Office Essay

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BA 235 Services Marketing Case Solution ~ Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office

CASE BACKGROUND Dr. Beckett is a dentistry graduate with high technical expertise. After her studies, she established her dentistry business and she was able to sustain constant revenue with high profit margin. However, in spite of the technical talent she gained from the university, she lacks the core knowledge in business. Since the dentistry industry is rapidly changing due to technology and government regulation in health, Beckett’s margin has declined due to continuously increasing overhead cost. She needs to adapt in the changing environment by investing in new technologies and spend for staff’s trainings. She strongly believes in
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Each procedure is timed & staff work to meet the set time. Customers are also not allowed to wait for more than 20 minutes. Availing a dental service is something that is planned so it’s okay to require customers to set appointment to be entertained. Cancellations are also filled in to maximize capacity. The initial exam by Dr. Becket who provides education & counseling to patients adds a personal touch and adds credibility to the service. The only sign that the process can be further improved is the fact that waiting time can range from 3-4 months. We think that this is too long a gap and poses a risk of allowing customers to try out other competing dental services.

BA 235 Services Marketing Case Solution ~ Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office

Physical Environment Coming from a cramped space, Dr. Beckett’ move to a bigger space was aligned with her positioning strategy, giving her the perfect chance to overhaul of her service too. This new place was designed to be an extension on Dr. Beckett’s personality adds to the company’s branding. It didn’t just aimed to provide a pleasant place for the customers but for the staff as well. The investment also was worth it since the physical place is the first thing that customers will see when they visit the dental office. There was intentional balance between function and design which sets the dental office apart from the usual

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