Dr. Alley Case Analysis Essay

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What are the patients problems?
Dr. Alley is currently suffering from Hypertension (HBP) which is when the pressure of blood is stained against the arterial walls. Due to the fact that Dr. Alley has stopped taking his medication, this has caused long-term affliction to his heart. The doctor has also been experiencing dyspnea (difficulty breathing ). This can be a warning of a condition to his heart or lungs. Recently the doctor has also been affected by oppressive epistaxis known as a nosebleed. The nose bleeding could possibly be from a systemic issue such as arteriosclerosis or simply from his hypertension. The percentage rate is low when linking epistaxis with hypertension, but in the doctors case he stopped taking his medication. Arteriosclerosis is caused by HBP which can also lead to CAD (Coronary Artery Disease). The blurred vision and dizziness go hand in hand and are also signs of a cardiovascular disease. The auscultation observed rales and crackles. Crackles are caused when small air passages open during inspiration increase during expiration. A coarse crackle is due to fluid in the lungs which would suggest right-sided heart failure. The rales are an abnormal crackling or shattering sound which can be due to lung congestion.

What pathophysiology changes are happening in his eyes and heart?
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There are signs of crackling and with the dyspnea it is a sign that there is a lack of oxygen supply getting to his heart. This also causes fluid to build up throughout his heart causing it to pump unproductively. In Dr. Alleys case I would suggest that he has left-sided heart failure, but if not treated he can also obtain right-sided heart failure. What is happening with his eyes is also due to his hypertension which causes arteriosclerotic change. This is known as hypertensive retinopathy which is vascular affliction due to

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